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Where has our humanity gone?

One of the question that seems to rise often these days concerns the whereabouts of our humanity. But what is considered humanity? Although the words human and humanity share the same origin there is a vast difference between being human and being humane.  A human is different from an animal or a plant because of its capacity to rationalize, compute, and communicate through a language for example where as humanity represents the sympathies and frailties of human nature such as kindness and weakness. I have always wondered why we humans believe that we are superior animals when we are the only ones that suffer from inner conflict. This internal conflict between good and evil, logic and emotion is a trait that characterizes us and leads us to make choices between these two paths.

Social medias are being flooded with disastrous stories for the simple reason that those stories have a vaster audience. Loads of people are amused by stupid and disturbing acts of some particular people which in turn makes them more powerful therefore more dangerous. Focusing on the degradation of our collective conscience has become a terrible addiction. Millions of us feel amused and entertained by what is actually the tipping point in our history let alone our survival. The urgency of our situation as a species is well hidden behind the power and greed of corporations, governments and individuals.

The most disturbing fact of today’s collective conscience is the attention we give to the negative aspects of our world without looking for a solution that is humane. Hasn’t history taught us that hatred and violence just breeds more hatred and violence? What is inherently wrong with us that economic and social gains mean more then the survival of our own species? Kick me if I am wrong but doesn’t every religion prone love and kindness towards each other and towards all of God’s creations? History keeps repeating itself like it never happened in the first place. As Albert Einstein famously said : “the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”  It doesn’t matter how rich or how popular you are if there is no more planet for us to live on. This issue should be at the forefront of multi-nation discussions. It’s just common sense. Ronald Reagan once gave a speech at the United Nations where he implied that if Earth was to be attacked by aliens we humans would have to unite.  Christians, Muslims, Jews, Black, White, American, Russian whatever; we would be one at last. No more wars over religion, no more borders, no more differences.

Kindness is not just a quality, it is a necessity. Kindness is the only solution that I believe we humans possess; it not only gives us hope it also gives us peace.  My only hope is that we teach and educate humans kindness and with that, make the world a more humane place for all species to live.

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