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A victory for animals

My interview with Camille Labchuk from Animal Justice Canada

It is not a coincidence that I got to interview Camille Labchuk, a criminal animal rights lawyer,  on no other day but Martin Luther King day. The fight for animal rights and to end animal cruelty is in its essence the same fight as the civil rights movement.  Being an animal activist, I often stopped and wondered if the battle for animal rights was even worth keeping up;  it seemed nothing was happening and that changing the mindset of the collective conscience was a utopian idea at the most. After my interview with Labchuk, I was not only enlightened, but my view of animal activism had changed entirely. I now firmly believe that we can end animal cruelty. How? The same way we ended slavery and gave women rights. The same way the civil rights movement gave African-Americans equality. Nobody thought at the time that those changes would ever become a reality but they eventually did. It is without saying that evolution starts with an idea then becomes a movement and with time becomes the norm.  It is eminent that Labchuk, being at the forefront of this battlefield, would remind herself of the importance of her work with the words of the great Martin Luther King.

Why is this so important? Because we have been brainwashed into forgetting about animals and their welfare. We have been ripped from our inherent nature of caring for animals. It is natural for a human being not to want to harm an animal yet we kill and torture them daily and by the billion every year. Is it not true that when someone purchases chicken wings,  a carton of milk or a pair of leather shoes for that matter that they don’t have a single thought that this product comes from an animal, that the animal suffered its entire life and that in all fairness this is solely for economic reasons. Long gone are the days of the small farmers with animals living somewhat normal lives. These are the days of factory farming where not a single animal lives with any sense of respect. From the moment they are born to the day they make it to your plate these animals suffer horrific conditions.  There is only one single law that protects them: the last day of their short lives when they are transported to the slaughterhouse. This law is for food safety, not even for the welfare of the animals. Sigh.  It is entirely legal in factory farming for us human animals to confine, abuse, torture and kill birds and other animals as we see fit.

Labchuk explained how we Canadians do have laws and regulations in places such as the condemnation of puppy mills and cruelty against cats and dogs, for example, but we are far away from animals having the same rights and considerations as we human beings have. Since 2008 Animal Justice has been the leader of the pack in Canada by intervening in ongoing cases involving animals, pushing the Federal and Provincial Governments to change and make new laws concerning their rights and freedoms, and by doing so are embedding animal rights into the social conscience.

Nothing evades Animal Justice Canada as you can see when you visit their website There you can educate yourself on ongoing issues, sign petitions and write letters to help them further their cause. You can also donate some time or some money. I urge you to sign ‘The Animal Charter of Rights and Freedoms’ which is featured on the front page. If you scroll down a little, you can also write a letter (made easy for you by them stating all the points that you should include) to pressure the Canadian Government to better its outdated and negligent Animal Transportation Law. Frankly, this law is so archaic that not only is it unacceptable within a modern society,  it is a total embarrassment for Canada.

Labchuk an ethical vegan herself is definitely the real deal. Not only is she following in the footsteps of the great Gandhi by being the change she wants to see in the world and by understanding that the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated; I would not be surprised if someday she would be remembered as one of our brightest and bravest citizens.  I am truly inspired by her wisdom and dedication and I hope that you will be as well. God knows its the time for animal suffering to end and He has well chosen his warriors.




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