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The Universal Language of Micro-Energy ®

There are not too many people like Nathalie Poulin Neylan on the planet. Actually there is only one,  and she is definitely unique. You can trust me on this one because I have had the chance to see her work for 17 years now. What is so special about Nathalie Poulin Neylan is not that she is a naturopath, a naturotherapist, a plant-based dietician and what not (she wears many, many hats), it is the fact that she is a true innovator in the field of Micro-Energy® which she created. Nathalie Poulin Neylan started her journey into quantum physics at a very young age, intuitively feeling the electro-magnetic fields of people. By the tender age of 12, she had already combined crystals and Bach flower remedies and had observed their effects.

There are no coincidences in life and it brought me into Nathalie Poulin Neylan’s office in Outremont in the spring of 2000. I have to say that at the time I had no idea what I was going to experience. And what an event it was and continues to be! I didn’t understand what was happening after I laid down on her massage table. First she ‘read‘ my energy with a spin tester (pendulum), then she covered me with these little round tools which she explained had different frequencies. All I know is that I went into a deep relaxation. I remember it was the first time that I was awake but that I had no thoughts – what a relief! I felt transported into another realm and when I came back from this vacation from myself, I had a general sense of peace and harmony. I wanted more! A vacation from my brain? A deep sense of serenity? I’m In!!  So I booked more appointments and there I went into my own personal  journey into Micro-Energy.

Through the years the sessions I received helped me in many ways. Again this is my experience. I felt that my mind was clearer and that I was less stressed. People around me noticed a change: they said I had a glow and that I was different yet they couldn’t figure out what it was. He he.. Of course I shared my secret with them and they too decided to try Micro-Energy and benefited from these sessions. I remember one time I had pain and swelling in an elbow that the doctors wanted to operate not knowing exactly what was wrong with it in the first place. I was frightened so what did I do?  I called Nathalie Poulin Neylan!  I will always remember that session like it was yesterday because it was so painful. It hurt so much I was crying but whatever was wrong with my elbow went away and never came back. The doctors were dumbfounded.  They couldn’t explain how it went away and let’s face it, neither did I.  I have come to the realization that my role here is not to understand Micro-Energy applications,  it is to learn how to use it for my own benefit.

Through the 25 years that Nathalie Poulin Neylan has been innovating in the field of natural health, music therapy, polarity, nutrition as well as different biofeedback systems therefore she applies different modes of frequencies in each session, which is specifically designed for each person. Micro-Energy can also be used on animals and in different environments.  Nathalie Poulin Neylan has always pushed and keeps pushing into new frontiers in the field of quantum physics. She has even trained her own little army of professional practitioners at her Micro-Institute and they now operate in their respective places.

Armed with tons of stories and interesting facts about her work with Micro-Energy, Nathalie Poulin Neylan is coming out with a book soon which will explain her technique and its application in more depth. There will also be some Webinars on different applications of Micro-Energy in the future.  For myself  I know that she just magically reappears in my life whenever I am at a crossroads. Nathalie Poulin Neylan has helped me not only to reconnect my heart to my head when it needed to but also helped me to re-direct my “antennas”, as she likes to say, in their right direction so I can make better and wiser decisions for myself.

I feel very blessed to have Nathalie Poulin Neylan in my life. I call her my “cosmic sister” and I thank the Universe for her because without her sessions my life would of been much harder and honestly, there probably would be no Forever Kindness. Thank you cosmic sister… I cannot wait to see you reach the stars once again with whatever new invention you will come up with. Just make sure I’m first on the list to try them out!

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