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Rob Boisvert a man to follow


The last thing that comes to mind  when you see Rob Boisvert is ‘Animal Activist.’  It is more likely the opposite like skinhead, drug dealer, definitely some kind of shit-disturber.  Although Rob is covered with tattoos and resembles a hooligan ready to throw a punch at you, he’s everything but violent.  Actually he’s probably less violent than your average person. Intrigued? So was I. As I sat and listened to his story I tried to have some form of detachment,  but driving back in my car the truth of what this gentle man had survived really hit me.

Rob grew up in a small town in Ontario where his parents not only raised him but also pet rabbits, pigs, geese, and chickens. As a child Rob endured mental, physical, and sexual abuse and found refuge in these animals, especially his two pet pigs.  One day  a visitor came and the father introduced him to the two pigs, then right in front of little Rob put a bullet in their heads. Twelve-year-old Rob was so devastated, having endured cruelty himself and seeing his parents execute animals, he went to the barn and put a rope around his neck. Rob was broken. He later on became a drug addict,  but like all the great people of this world,  he found a way to turn his desperation into an inspiration for himself and many others who come to follow his example.

This is a man that has found his salvation in protecting the lives of voiceless animals. Since 2008, Rob has dedicated his time to this calling. After seeing the movie Earthlings he knew from the bottom of his heart why he had survived such atrocities in his own life, and he felt that the madness had to be stopped. He  joined the Animal Liberation Front,  and the bleeding stopped for him but unfortunately not for the animals that he wishes to rescue from slaughterhouses. His mission:  to help people make the connection between human suffering and animal suffering. After all, isn’t it all the same? Today Rob is part of many Animal Rights groups such as 269life for which he is the Representative for Canada. This group, known as a more extreme form of animal activism, had their followers pour fake blood over slaughterhouses, put themselves in front of trucks in order to block the transportation of animals to slaughterhouses (which Rob is well-known for given his stature), and organize demonstrations all over Canada.

Rob is very adamant in his position of turning everybody vegan, not only to end animal suffering, but because he fully understands the impact that the meat and dairy industries have on our planet.  He’s also a realist and knows that there is just a flicker of hope left for humankind on Earth. He became teary-eyed when he reflected on the planet we will be leaving for the next generations, and frankly so did I. Thank you Rob for granting me some of your time because you truly are a Giant and you have the power to turn that flicker into a wildfire in the hearts of the many followers to come.

To help Rob raise money for Animal Rights  you can visit the site of Refuge RR which is in dire need of support, or buy any 269life merchandise which will in turn be saved in the hope of opening an animal sanctuary. Do the noble action and follow the steps of this man, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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