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Giving hope to humanity – The story of Vasilis Tsartsanis

This is not a story about politics. This is a story about courage, love, and kindness. I found it impossible to watch the video about the life of Vasilis Tsartsanis and not feel touched by it. This is a great example of courage and selflessness. A true gem amongst the headlines that are flooding the media today. This is why I felt it was important to share it with you.

Tsartsanis a common man like any other had the courage to stand up and follow his convictions. Although his actions placed him in great danger nothing stopped this gentle giant. This is a story that demonstrates the values that we as people living on one planet need to posses if we want to live in peace and, facing all the wars that are presently ongoing,  also need to survive as a species.

While doing research for this blog there was very little information about this man. Yet he is a true example of what I consider a hero. Unfortunately these are not the kind of articles that sell magazines.  Hence why I felt this man deserved to be showcased. I hope it will inspire you to be kind to others and to follow your heart because after all we are all equal in God’s eyes. I urge you to do an act of kindness everyday because kindness does last forever to those touched by it.


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