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Fighting bullies with kindness

When I had the idea of writing this blog I was truly inspired by kindness. Kind people have saved my life and have  installed in me a sense of self that I am proud of.  I believe that we live in a world where we could solve many of our problems with this virtue. Unfortunately and to my own dismay I have been a target of bullies in many shapes and forms: I have been called names, put down, threatened, harassed, and denigrated. I have had spam with horrible messages posted on my personal account all in the joys of someone else trying to disrupt my emotional stability. For what? Because of what I believe in that I have put forward on this blog.

Eventually I had to come to understand that bullying has no age. I have heard of bullying in school yards and on-line but I was unprepared for adult cyber bullying. I now stand before you as a victim of this cyber war. The thing is that I have come so far in my life that nothing will silence my beliefs although I have to admit that I went through difficult times trying to understand why this was happening to me.

After a lot of soul searching I deducted that there is something inherently wrong with the collective consciousness of our world. How could people be so angry that I was an animal activist? a vegan? an environmentalist? How naïve was I to believe that by putting forward kindness I was sheltered. It was a rude awakening and it make me want to promote kindness even more. I will not ever give in and silence myself due to some rage and hatred that does not belong to me.

Here are the different ways you may get bullied online:

. Flaming: fighting on-line using vulgar language,

Impersonation: hacking another’s email or social media to post embarrassing comments,

Outing and Trickery: sharing another’s secrets or tricking someone into revealing embarrassing information,

. Cyber Stalking: repeated threats or online activity that makes a person afraid of his/her safety

Cyberbullies hide under their anonymity and have lots of accessibility on social media. There are many laws depending where you live that protects victims of cyberbullying. If you are being cyber bullied on a specific media site please report the activity. You can also report cyberbullying to the police. I think the best way to conquer ‘trolls’ as they are called online  is to disengage and not give the attacker more power.

Kindness is of the most importance against all types of bullying. Responding calmly and with kindness disarms most situations. There are also links where you can get help with bullying. This kind of action  should start with educating chidren at home as well as in schools. There are more and more programs that teach children to respect each other and to do random acts of kindness. These kids are our future and kindness should be taught to them and hopefully bullying will one day disappear.

Let’s keep the hope, stand strong together and keep spreading kindness!

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