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The battle of good and evil in rainforests

I was inspired to look into the violence that has been happening in rainforests around the world such as in the Amazon in Brazil after I read the story of Sister Dorothy Stang, an American nun who was gunned down by a rancher in 1984 and was left to die in the mud in the middle of the Amazon. Sister Dorothy was a rainforest activist who had dedicated her life to the protection of this majestic forest from deforestation in the name of profit for mining industries, the clearing of trees by ranchers and loggers, to logging companies and for electrical businesses generating cheap electricity to a majority of Brazil’s industries subsidized by the government.  The battle between good and evil in these rainforests is a nightmare that began well over 50 years ago, and their paradise on earth has been depleted to nearly half of their original existence. Sadly little of these forests will be left by the end of the century.

The Amazon commonly referred to as “the lungs of the planet” is being destroyed one day at a time.  Every minute close to 50 acres of rainforests around the earth is being ravaged.  Why is this so important?  Because of the Amazon’s trees, as well as the ones in other rainforests, help regulate the planet’s whole atmosphere by turning the Carbon Dioxide we humans propel into the air with our planes, trains, cars, buses, etc.. and turns it into Oxygen.   Therefore it’s understandable that these rainforests have a massive impact on temperature regulation. Governments around the world are spending millions on building facilities to do what nature provides us in the first place, and these trees do it for free!

Of course, this can be argued in many ways, but when you look at the facts, they are quite bewildering. For example, the Brazilian government borrowed lots of money to build dams to sell cheaper electricity to its industries. Only it has done so in unneeded proportions to the point that these damns have flooded massive parts of the Amazon where treetops are sticking out of the water rotting away,  leaving foul smells and diseases that did not exist in those regions before. This war between big industries and the indigenous people living on these lands for generations is understandable since these people are not only fighting for what was theirs but also for their inherited way of life. Ever since rich white men have started building roads through the Amazon the situation for the forest and its inhabitants, humans and animals alike have degenerated into a critical condition. Villages are being destroyed,  waterways are being polluted, and the wildlife is losing its habitat at an alarming rate. Millions of trees are burnt, and thousands of different species are killed every year to give room for one single animal:  the cow. Unfortunately, the truth is that the meat industry is a very lucrative business the demand for beef rising every year. Whether you are worried about the animals, the birds or the future of the rainforest, you should be evenly concerned for its activists that are being gunned down because they are standing up for what is right.


Satan surely has his pitchfork planted in these forests! In 2015 there were 185 killings across 186 countries Brazil topping the list with 50 murders followed the Philippines with 33.  Out of these assassinations, only 1% make it to court, and someone brought to justice. These rainforest activists are victims that didn’t deserve to die in the name of “progress.” Not only are they non-violent, but they also protest in the tradition of Gandhi and Martin Luther King by surrounding themselves around trees to raise awareness for their dire situation. Referred to as the Angels of the Rainforests they should be protected not ignored nor slaughtered. Their entire history and customs should be respected not disintegrated into nothingness. I always thought that standing up for what you believe in a peaceful way sign of wisdom?

What can YOU do to help is the primary purpose here.  I believe that to make a difference you have to put your money where it matters.  I  do not support the cattle industry partly because of this situation but also for animal rights. Whatever your reason I find it very difficult to turn my head the other way knowing these facts concerning the violence against environmentalists in rainforests across the world. This situation is incredibly complicated and hard to fix, but there is always hope. There are organizations that you can help by making a donation such as the Rainforest Alliance which was established in 1986 and has never given up the fight. Great people die for their convictions while others prefer to ignore the truth.  The Rainforests and their inhabitants are in dire need of your love. Let’s not support the destruction of the planet’s lungs. Instead, we can help industries that emit a lower carbon footprint, and we can surely eat a lot less meat!

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