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Why should we eat less meat and dairy?



The reality of what is happening to our planet, to our animals, and to the survival of humankind is staggering. Eating less meat and dairy or better yet eating entirely no meat and milk has a profound impact on the earth.

Human interests in exploiting animals have caused such devastation to our planet and ourselves. By 2048 the overfishing of our oceans will have killed most of our fisheries. The amount of water being used for the meat and dairy industries has caused our main water arteries to be sucked dry by the farming of these animals. There are presently 4 billion people on the planet facing water scarcity. The forest depletion to have this livestock graze is not only depleting the earth of its very lungs, but this industry is costing three times as much as the global financial crisis. If we continue with this model no child under the age of 5 will ever retire because to put it just, there will be no more planet for us to live.

According to Philip Wollen, a philanthropist and animal rights advocate, if any other organism had done what we are doing to the planet biologists would have called it a killer virus. One billion people are suffering from hunger, and 20 million people will die this year from malnutrition. Cutting meat consumption by only 10% can feed 100 million people. But not eating meat at all will end human suffering forever.

If everyone ate animals we would need two planets to feed us, but we only have ONE, and she is DYING. As Philip Wollen so eloquently said: “In the end, only three things matter: how deeply you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things that were never meant for you.”

If you are considering being part of this new renaissance and want to become vegan, read the next article where I will give you some tips on how to make your transition easier!

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