About me

loulou-retouch-photoshopWHY IS KINDNESS THE ANSWER?

My life composes itself of many twists and turns which resulted in the creation of Forever Kindness. The issues I am putting forward are very close to my heart for many different reasons. I have been faced with many personal challenges and I have learned this lesson: Love and Kindness can be and should be the solution to the problems we face today.

The struggles with my personal issues taught me to love myself. I have raised, loved, and lost animals therefore I have always believed, as the great Gandhi once said, that “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” I have spent many beautiful moments with Mother Nature and I am without a doubt concerned about climate change. I have been following politics for many years and I have come to the conclusion that carrying hate and perpetuating violence is not the answer to the issues we face.

My life journey has led me to become an ethical vegan meaning that, I do not eat, wear or use any product that comes from an animal or any animal by-products. I truly believe, having educated myself about the sustainability of the planet, that the dairy and meat industries are the main contributors of climate change.

Forever Kindness is my life purpose: to offer a different solution so that we can make a difference for future generations to come. Alone I stand, but together we can conquer. Love and Kindness are the most powerful tools that we have in order to better ourselves, to protect all the species that inhabit our land, and to respect and appreciate the planet that was given to us to live upon.