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Sia’s Christmas Story

Dear readers,

I want to wish all a very Joyous Holidays and that you may build fond memories with your significant others. I haven’t written much in the last months, and I wanted to explain why that was, in the hope that it will help someone else get through some tough times, especially those feeling lonely during this festive time of the year.

On June 7th of this year, I adopted a very sick puppy.  Never in my wildest dreams could I of imagined what I was about to live. On that warm sunny summer day, my mother and I took off to Burlington  (we live in Montreal) to go and get my three-month-old puppy.  I had her (now named Sia Red) flown in from St. Louis, Missouri knowing that she wasn’t in good shape but unaware of its extent. When we got to the Burlington Airport, I took one glance at Sia and realized she was in much worst form than that of which I was informed. Sia was aloof and could barely stand on her own. Green puss started coming out of her nostrils. She was a terrible heart-wrenching sight. My mother and I looked at each other, and we didn’t even have to talk: my mother stepped on the gas peddle and off we were: going to save this puppy’s life, no matter what!  You cannot imagine how fast we took her through the border and thankfully,  Sia was checked in an Intensive Care Unit in Montreal a couple of hours later. Tears flew (no kidding – flew) from my face when the vet told me to keep the phone next to my head in case I would get the phone call (you know, the one when your animal doesn’t make it). Fortunately, Sia survived the night, but her lungs were 90% filled with puss at the time, and she was lucky that we had brought her to the I.C.U. As we were informed the next day,  she had only a few hours to live.

During the next six months, Sia was admitted four other times to I.C.U’s.,  for different reasons. The doctors could not figure out what was wrong with her. She kept swaying from super well to looking like she extremely sick the very next day. It was a hell of a roller coaster, but we hung on;  Sia, my mom and I and her Boston Terrier brother Tommy (another rescue and now Sia’s best friend). I decided there and then that I would dedicate my life to this little creature because I had promised her that as long as she wasn’t suffering, I would be there for her and keep her alive and well. I became a 24 hour/ seven days a week dog nurse. I’ll spare you all the details, but through those months I barely saw outside except to walk Tommy and Sia as well as run a few errands. I  neglected to take care of myself, and my back pain which in result turned into pain meds (which is another nightmare altogether) and I lost a lot of friends, and of course, this rescue cost a small fortune which also put me at odds with my family. Looking back I know I was in a depression but had failed to see it since Sia was my primary focus. Thankfully there is nothing wrong today with Sia and miracle; she takes no medication.  I believe that with the love and care we gave Sia, as well as all those nights staying up praying for her and, of course, Sia’s courage and strength were enough to get her out of the I.C.U.  I can finally go back to my life, although I will never be the same.

That dark period took a significant toll on me, on my relationships and my family. But would I do it again?  In a New York minute!  Why? Because Sia has taught me some life lessons such as never to give up, that animal activism starts at home (!), and that darkness had led me back to my Creator.  I have now gone back to Church and am feeling stronger than ever.

So if you are struggling in your life, know that dark times come to pass, that prayer does work and that God will give you everything you need to get through those times.  Funny enough I see this dark period as a gift.  I am a better person for it, a stronger person for not listening to people who told me that she cost too much money and I should put her down, for following on my promise to her and for leading me back to my Creator, a relationship that had been suffering for quite some time.

I hope this story will inspire anyone going through a rough patch. Never give up -you never know what lies ahead.


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