In Animal Rights

Why did Simone Reyes become an animal activist?

Animal rights mean giving back the right to life and freedom to animals and therefore states that not one animal can be used for human interests no matter how important and worthy that end may be. Thus all creatures are excluded in the food industry, clothing industry, medical research, entertainment business, breeding and feeding for industrial farming, labor and hunting and fishing practices for all cultures across the world. Protecting animals is indeed a very radical solution, but faced with the facts that we humans are causing, it remains our sole solution.

The cruelty we impose on animals is preposterous: slaughterhouses, animals tortured and beaten, factory hens being caged and deprived of all their rights such as bathing, puppy mills, male chicks being ground alive simply because they are male, scientific experimentation and product testing on all kinds of our furry friends such as monkeys, rabbits, cats and dogs, and the list goes on…unfortunately.

We, humans, are also animals, but some of us humans see non-human animals as a lower form of species and in their superiority have stripped animals of all their rights and freedoms and treat them as property. The only thing is that animals, just like humans beings, have feelings, form social bonds, and are not inanimate objects. They cannot fight for their lives because we have either taken away their inherent freedoms and right to life or destructed their environment to the extent that they cannot survive in these conditions. Therefore many species become extinct every day.

Animals are sentient beings: they feel pain, joy, hunger, loneliness, cold, hate, fear, and stress. All animals, even those raised in organic farms or on free-range farms, end up being killed in the same way: in slaughterhouses. There,  they are beaten and abused and feel the stress associated with fear of their death brought by the sounds, sight, and the smell of the other animals having their lives taken from them. This animal torture is only to serve human interest.

In all the history of humankind, we believe that about one hundred billion humans have ever lived on the planet, yet we torture and kill over two billion animals per week, and we stab and suffocate over one billion ocean animals every three hours. If we killed humans at the same rate we kill animals the human species would be wiped out in only twelve days.

Humankind has one common link across all of its cultures, and that is cruelty to animals. Trampling the rights and freedoms of animals must stop because by doing so we are not serving the human interest, we are furthering the devastation of our planet, and within this model, nobody wins. The adoption of the vegan model will not only save our lives and that of the earth as we know it but will end cruelty forever.

Let’s not leave the next generations to come with this legacy. We can change by enforcing the “Animal Rights Solution.” Every revolution starts with an idea, and now it is urgent that we pass into action.  Together we can end cruelty towards animals which in turn will stop the destruction of our planet and therefore give us a better chance of our survival.

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