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    America don’t give up! Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    January 15th is Martin Luther King Jr. Day hence why I wanted to take this opportunity to remind ourselves of the critical endeavor this great man has left behind. It seems to me highly appropriate to remember and to honor the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr. because, without his marches, non-violent protests, and civil disobedience, America would not be where it is today.

    We believe of man’s equality in front of God, that freedom and justice to all is a given; but it is not. It is quite frightening to anyone what the horrific injustices and acts of hatred committed over the last few years seems to have plungend America back into a period of dark times, albeit not as dark as the 1960’s. Nevertheless, the battle is still raging in America’s streets. America has defaulted on its dream of brotherhood and freedom. The President of the most powerful democracy of our time demonstrates bigotry and utters offensive tweets and remarks, oblivious that the World is watching closely and sadly, so are its children.

    Social Media has rocketed hate and have made it visible to the World with a click of a button. More than half a century has passed since the famous “I Have a Dream” speech and while times are somewhat better then in the 1960’s, there is a lot more to be done. Should not our leaders be an inspiration of unification, freedom, and justice to all? It saddens me when I think of the message these influential people are conveying to the next generations.

    President Obama,  in a speech he gave in 2011 on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, said it eloquently:

    Barricades began to fall, bigotry began to fail, the door of opportunity swung open for an entire generation. Laws changed, but the hearts and minds changed as well. Look at the faces here around you today, and you see an America that is fairer and more free and more just than the one Doctor King addressed that day. We are right to savor that slow but certain progress…but it is important to remind ourselves that this progress did not come easily…progress does not come from words alone. There were setbacks and defeats…even after winning the Nobel Peace Prize Dr. King was still under attack and was considered a controversial figure. He wasn’t always seen as a unifying figure”.

    But where does America stand now? This struggle is not even close to being finished. Change depends on persistence, on education and on the responsibility of our peers to do and say the right things.

    PLEASE AMERICA, do not give up the fight. The whole World is watching you. Our chidren’s values are swayed by your media. Everyone listens and learns from you. And most importantly, World Peace is in your hands. Please America, continue the work of Doctor King, because that is the reponsibility we now face since Martin Luther King Jr.  is not with us anymore.